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2012 will forever be remembered as the year Whitney Houston died, Windows 8 launched, Rover Curiosity landed and Twinkies fans hoarded. Less newsworthy and of scant import to the masses, 2012 will be the year I remember as one in which eight west coast writers banded together via webcam and email, to jumpstart popcorntheblog, a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with popcorn but everything to do with “salty kernels of writing wisdom.” (Thank god for taglines.) In honor of this milestone, allow me to reflect on popcorn’s debut annum by the numbers:

  • 11,013 – Views popcorn has received since inception.
  • 474 – Views on our busiest day thanks to Adrienne Spangler’s Freshly Pressed post about the value of outlines.
  • 346 – Collective number of followers via email, Facebook and Twitter. Even if we account for aunts, uncles and third-cousins twice removed, it’s safe to assume we’ve moved beyond related readers. Please continue to spread the word.
  • 109 – Number of countries from which we’ve been viewed. Who knew we were so popular in Malaysia?
  • 63 – Published posts.
  • 11 – Months the blog has been in existence.
  • 8 – Illuminations during the darkest days of the year; Michelle Feder’s sentimental, but not at all sappy, tribute to popcorn’s year in repose.
  • 7 – Popcorn bloggers who learned how to Tweet this year.
  • 2 – Posts that received Freshly Pressed acclaim in 2012. Although Susie Meserve’s Must-Read memoirs post was pressed on her personal blog (not popcorn,) it appeared on our site first, so I deem it countable!
  • 1 – Beautifully designed book cover for…. drum roll please… Tara Conklin’s soon-to-hit-the-shelves debut novel The House Girl.
  • 0 – Completed first drafts of my novel. It’s not happening by January 1st. Ouch. Public humiliation hurts. On that note, I’m looking forward to 2013!

However, before I slink away in disgrace, to all those who’ve taken the time to read popcorn, to recommend popcorn and to root for the contributors of popcorn (aka Michelle, Tara, Carol, Adrienne, Karen, Ruth, Susie and myself) my sincerest thank you. May your 365 days ahead be abundant in good health, much wealth (in all forms) and great reads!