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These days we’re hearing a lot of 2012 recaps. Meanwhile, we’re getting ready to turn the page.

Here’s a preview of what’s cooking for 2013 (punctuated by some pictures I took in NYC last summer):

Green light green light goAdrienne: “I’ve been exploring my Irish roots by reading more work by Irish authors. I’ll be reporting back on some of my favorites.”

Joyce, Yeats, Bono? In the name of love: Can’t wait.


Flash fiction?Flash Fiction, defined…

Writing short stories…

Favorite first lines of novels…

Letter writing…Mailboxes by Michelle

Sunflowers by MichelleSusan: An inspirational piece about authors who were late bloomers and began their public writing careers later in life. Think: 4 over 40. (Number 1: Our very own Tara Conklin.)

Yours truly: As time marches on, so too with language. I’ll be dorking out on how it evolves, just as we do. And thinking about what makes a great story…. Style and substance. EyeglassesNYC by Michelle

All of us have topics marinating, percolating, kernels getting ready to pop. As we shift to a new year, let’s take all that resolution stuff in stride. Yes: Let’s get healthier; let’s actually call local and long-distance friends—not just text. Let’s sharpen our skills at work, and make time for play. (I’m a latecomer to Downton Abbey and enjoying my catch-up. Hello, drama!) In all, let’s take 365 opportunities to learn something new.

Pieces of the puzzle

Opportunities to Learn: 365

DUMBO begin_end

A toast: Here’s to you, dear readers and writers. From our house to your house, Happy New Year!

What’s your wish (or ambition?) for 2013?