Dear Popcorn Readers,

I had every good intention of writing a new post about something other than my novel, The House Girl, (which is released on Feb. 12. Did I mention that already?) but good intentions have a tendency to go astray when your mind is occupied by other thoughts (such as book releases – Feb. 12th. Yes, I have mentioned that. Haven’t I?)

So, I will leave you with a link here to an essay I wrote for that great and good independent book store, Powell’s Books of Portland, OR. The post just went up a few days ago (in preparation for the release of…  oh, you already know what I’m going to say) and is about one of the many inspirations behind The House Girl (which is my debut novel.  Are you sick of me yet?)

I promise to return with a less self-centered post next time.

Thank you for your patience (and for buying your copy of The House Girl!)

Happy reading and all the very best,