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I thought I didn’t have time or care a whit about Pinterest. Here’s why I’m glad I took another look.


Visual communication.

For a writer, nothing is more hackneyed than the axiom: “Show, don’t tell.” (Of course, it’s true.) On Pinterest, each frame shows an image, tells the sender, and what the Pinned thing is. In this landscape (or in geek-speak, this interface), everything is so vivid: Color, texture, fashion, food, décor. The input is limitless. As much as I love books and the sensation of ink taking a page, Pinterest drew me in quickly.


I began to see Pinterest as a way to play. Each board became a thematic umbrella, with a story of its own. Once I got a sense of how to differentiate the spaces, I had fun with the micro-level wordplay, just as I would with headlines or subheads in an article or blog post. Then I realized I could get crafty with captions too. The opportunities for word-geekery never end… But it’s that match of word and image I’ve always loved. And I’m not a novelist, but I could envision using Pinterest to develop and flesh out characters, to imagine who that emerging someone could be.


I’m late to the Pinterest party, but in just a few tours, I’ve grown quickly smitten with the array of images that are simply dazzling. Christian Dior via Pinterest

Inspiration. Aspiration.

Now that I’ve learned my way around a bit, when I think of Pinterest, I think of a notebook, a living portfolio, a collage, a storyboard, a look-book, even (to sound a little woo-woo) a dreamscape.

Although I work in technology now, I come from a magazine background. One thing I loved about magazines was the mix of inspiration and aspiration. You’d learn tips and tricks you could easily integrate into your overly multitasked life that would streamline things, bring ease. Today I scored a good-source recipe on Pinterest: Would I try the fried rice-noodle recipe Pinned by my pastry-chef friend? Heck, yeah! That weeknight recipe just gave me the gift of time and a little goodness.

In the glossy-magazine biz, they are selling the dream. You, only better. Your home: chic. Your budget: robust. Your life, reimagined. So as I was exploring the outer inner-lives and facets of Pinterest peeps, it was fun to envision this melange of possibilities curated not by Anna Wintour but by the devil who wears Prada — or Patagonia — within each of us.

Frivolous, fabulous, and let’s just say it: Fun.

Before I started playing around with Pinterest, I wasn’t LOOKING for another creative outlet, but as a consummate word-geek with some sort of inner artist, I was starting to see how Pinterest could get addictive…

To Pin or not to Pin? Tell us: Have you got an interest in Pinterest?