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On New Year’s Eve, because I have a four year old and we’d all been sick, I went to bed at 10:15. The teenagers down the street woke me up with their whooping at midnight, and I had this surge of great optimism for 2014, thinking, this is the year! (For what, I won’t say, but you can guess.) And then I lay in the dark thinking about resolutions for a bit. I’d thought to give up one embarrassing personal habit and I’d also thought to renew my yoga-and-meditation commitment. But I hadn’t, and still really haven’t, made any writing resolutions.

Others have; I loved this post on Terrible Minds, for example, especially the reminder to think more about writing than about publishing. I liked this one on Fantasy Faction, too, a great post—not just for writers of fantasy—with some really good advice, especially about only resolving to do things you can control (genius!). (One note: I have to say, most writers I know cannot, actually, write every single day; four days a week seems like a great goal to me, and I know serious writers who get away with less because they have to. There, I’ve said it.)

The truth is, I’ve spent a lot of the past couple of years both working really hard on a book and making resolutions and goals that, for one reason or another, I haven’t been able to keep. It’s been a couple of years of write write write! Then, can’t write can’t write can’t write. And so, in 2014, while swimming in my head are great resolutions like “make small achievable goals” (thank you, Fantasy Faction) and “try new shit” (excellent, Terrible Minds), I think my writing resolution for 2014 is simply this:

Write, read, and send out as much as I can.

What are yours, readers?

Happy New Year from everyone at Popcorn!


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