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“It used to be generally accepted that overblown levels of domestic perfection were merely a shorthand for inner despair. Whenever a movie opened with a housewife in manicured suburbia adding the finishing touches to a flower arrangement or a pie, we all instinctively understood that this was a clear cinematic trope meaning that her husband is having an affair, her life is overshadowed by the desperate creep of unfulfillment and by the end of the movie, she will have tipped into a bottomless pit of churning, wailing mental anguish.

Now, apparently, we all want to be that housewife.”

I have a new blog/ essay up on the Huffington Post, about Pinterest, feminism and how glue guns are killing guilt-free motherhood.  I would love it if you would check it out, and ideally Facebook share it, or tweet it!  Thanks!  and happy holiday season to you all.

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